Zero day at Upper Goose Pond Cabin. Yay! This was my favorite zero day so far and the caretakers Paul and Wendy were so wonderful. I really enjoyed being in the woods and relaxing for once.

I went swimming in the pond twice today and once last night. I swam in my shirt, bra and underwear, hoping to get them slightly cleaner in the pond water. It was warm and wonderful and it made me so happy. Plus it was free, other than the donation for pancakes. I treaded water for a while and chatted with a man and his daughter who had visited Best Friends on her honeymoon. I also got a chance to catch up on my blog and that was my only goal for the day, other than swimming. There were no other chores to do because there was no way to do laundry and we have all our supplies. Then Nomad suggested we go down to the dock and watch the moon rise, and it was beautiful. There were some clouds blowing in, but the nearly full moon still had her moment of light through the clouds and the reflection came right down the middle of the lake. The bugs attacked, but I sat there calmly in my full body bug suit, until a mosquito bit me right through the suit. Sigh. At least not as many of them can bite me in my sexy mesh suit.

I also finished writing a little anthem for our group, which we have started calling "The Runaway Train." I wrote it in the register here at Upper Goose Pond, and here it is:

We each ran away from our lives and homes,
To hike the AT is our common goal,
We started apart, the trail brought us together,
On this train any storm we can weather.

You may see us here, you may see us there,
You may find us anywhere.
We slackpack, we overpack, we leapfrogged,
But we're always on the AT track.

We like to talk and we're sometimes slow,
So if you see us, please say hello!

The Runaway Train (Carry-On, Eagle Eye, Rockin' Robin, Toe Knee)
GA-VA, CT-ME, VA-CT 2012