Total AT miles hiked today: 6.9
Total miles hiked today: 7.4
Total AT miles hiked: 669.4

Today Bearwalker returned us to the road where he dropped us off yesterday, and this time we waited for Toe Knee to rejoin us and head North with us. She arrived with her sisters and brought us boxes we had arranged to be shipped to her house. We repackaged our food and supplies on the side of the road and were grateful that Toe Knee's sisters were willing to take our trash to throw out. Hikers hate carrying trash for days. It stinks and takes up space and weight in our packs so we always appreciate somebody who will take our trash for us.

We finally got on the trail around 1pm, and it was hot and our packs were heavy, so there was some serious grumbling. We hiked an extra half mile to get to the Upper Goose Pond Cabin where we heard the Caregivers make blueberry pancakes and coffee in the morning for a donation and you can swim and canoe. It is beautiful here. It's a shelter, but it's a building with doors and a propane stove and two levels with bunks upstairs and special double outhouses where you do #1 in one hole and #2 in the one next to it.

I want to take a zero day here and swim in the pond. We have been pushing hard to meet Toni and now I'm exhausted. Maybe somebody else will want a rest, too.