AT miles hiked today: 13.4
Total AT miles hiked: 872.3

We are sheltering at Moose Mountain Shelter staying out of the thunderstorm. The mosquitoes have joined us in here, too. I would have tented, to hide from the bugs, except for the threat of hail. So I'm in my full bug suit in my sleeping bag and just got bitten on my elbow through the suit.

Nice Lady and Blaze are hiking with us for a few days! Yay! I'm so excited to see them again. We met them at the food co-op in Hanover after we got a free slice of cheese pizza and fountain drinks with free refills at Ramuntos. I got Coke. I love fountain drinks. Thank you, Ramuntos!

I sprained my ankle again today, in the first couple of miles, with my newly heavy pack, loaded full of food. The left ankle rolled on a hidden little rock, and I fell hard cracking my right knee onto a rock. I kept my trekking poles in place and they kept me from fully hitting the ground, but my ankle popped and my knee took the bulk of my fall. I got nauseated from the pain and walked around for a few minutes as everybody waited to see if I could go on and I did after a little while. It hurts pretty badly and I've got it wrapped and elevated. I took ibuprofin to keep the swelling down, too.

Short 'n Sweet told me to make breakfast from a Carnation instant breakfast packet, powdered milk and instant coffee. It is a lovely energy boost and I love it. Thanks for the suggestion!