AT miles hiked today: 20.4
Total AT miles hiked: 858.9

Slackpack day! Last night we got leftover hot dogs that were going to be thrown out of a local gas station. They donate the old sandwiches of the day to hikers so we got some sturdy rolls, spicy mustard and we had lunch for today. We hiked to West Hanover and the general store that Short 'n Sweet recommended and got french fries, and White Mountain Raspberry ice cream with white chocolate in it and ate it all right there plus I had a cold Pepsi. Ahhh.... I got a thruhiker grinder to carry back the seven miles for dinner tonight.

There were people jumping off the bridge into the river and I was super jealous, but the ice cream helped me feel better. It was very hot and the general store let us get water from their spigot. Thank you!

Less than an hour after we got hiking again we came across trail magic! There were coolers with cold soda and chocolate mini candy bars. Even though I was still full of sugar I downed a root beer and grabbed a Twix for the hill. We ran into Chief again. We saw him at the Birdcage, too.

We thought we might get back to Short 'n Sweet's house as late as 8:30, especially after taking an hour at that general store, but we made good time at the end, fueled by sugar and caffeine, and rolled in about 7:20. Now we get to pack up to head north tomorrow. New Hampshire, here we come!