Total AT miles hiked today: 14.2
Total AT miles hiked: 790

Greenwall Shelter

After last night I promised myself I would tent to avoid the mosquitos, but after getting caught in a heavy downpour again this afternoon, I am sleeping in the shelter again. Last night I slept in my bug shirt, with its hood, but they bit me through it, especially on the arms, and it was uncomfortable and hot, too. So tonight I am wearing my puff jacket, gloves and head net to hide from the mosquitoes. Eagle Eye is wearing my bug shirt and Toe Knee tried the head net, but rejected it. Hopefully it will get cold tonight and they will go away. Also, the pond was beautiful and the boardwalks were very slippery from the rain.

We also passed these amazing rock gardens where cairns were stacked and balanced everywhere in this one area among the pine trees. It was raining so I didn't dig out my camera, but it was so wonderful and amazing that I almost risked it. In the end I saved my camera and Eagle Eye took pictures with her phone. I hope we can all share pictures after this is all over.