AT miles hiked today: 10.1
Total AT miles hiked: 775.8

I am in the Peru Peak Shelter with Progress and Joiner and the rest of the Runaway Train, of course. We hiked over Bromley Mountain but there was no tower anymore. It was taken down just recently due to being unsafe. Too bad. I was looking forward to another tower view. The ski lift was running and there was a shelter on top of the mountain, which was pretty cool. We meant to hike another half a mile past here and camp for free, because our guidebooks said this shelter charges a fee to stay, but we got caught in the rain and decided to pay the $5 each. When we got here, with it's pretty stream and nice area, we found no caretaker. We went ahead and moved in, changed out of our dripping wet clothes, hung up our wet stuff to dry and started cooking.

Progress and Joiner came later and said there was no caretaker here due to budget cuts so we got a free night. It turns out that Progress knew I was Carey and had been checking in on my blog occasionally. Now I have to find her blog to follow because I'm sure I will never see them again. They are fast.