Roan Mountain B&B

AT miles hiked today: 9.2
Total AT miles hiked: 391.9

Ahh my poor feet hurt from the rocks today, even though we didn't hike many miles. We hiked up a giant bald called Big Hump into a cloud and wind. I had heard that big and little hump balds were pretty amazing, and they were, just not like I expected. I felt like I was in Scotland as I watched the others toil up the hill ahead of me. Then they disappeared into the mist and I hiked alone until I found them gathered in a group on top. Once we got down the other side we were out of the wind and I took my rain jacket off. I only really wear it when it gets windy and wet and cold all at once. Otherwise I just hike in my short-sleeved short and get wet. It dries quick enough and I stay warm as long as I keep moving.

We decided to stop at a hostel instead of hiking on, because we wanted breakfast. Also, we thought we would get caught in thunderstorms, which we didn't. Some of the women regretted stopping so early, but I didn't. We have two days to Kincora hostel and I may take a real zero day there because it's only $5 a night to stay. I am achy and sore and feel like I'm grumpy with the others. I'm not sure I want the complexities of being with a group, though there are many benefits and I enjoy all of the women. I hope to stay in touch with all of them after this, no matter how long I hike with them.

We bought steaks, potatoes, salad fixings and Eagle Eye made banana pudding. We grilled the steaks on a charcoal grill and made mashed potatoes and had a lovely meal while our laundry washed. Ann, who owns the B&B, drove us around town for our errands and was so nice to us. Thank you, Ann!