Hot Springs-Elmer's Sunnybrook Inn

5-24-12 AT miles hiked today: 3.5 Total AT miles hiked: 273.9

I am icing and elevating my ankle on the porch. I have my legs in the arms of my raincoat to protect me from mosquitoes, and I'm on my pack rain cover.

My ankle only hurt occasionally on the way into town, and we had to take off our shoes (mine were wet) to come in the hostel, so I put on my camp shoes and then just wore them to do my errands. The thing is, town errands usually take a while and involve walking.

I met Nice Lady and Rockin Robin and Donna is here! Plus, Warrior and Balu and Packman, and Crazy Beard and his tribe are all in town. I saw Joe before he headed out, and then No Doubt showed up, but he was too late for a room. I got the coolest room, with a queen sized bed and all to myself for $20. Then we had a four course, organic, gourmet vegetarian meal for $10 that was fantastic.

Anyway, it was right before dinner that I realized my ankle was huge. I had bought some "Tender Tape" which I call vet wrap, so I wrapped, iced and elevated it like I should have done earlier in the day. It still doesn't really hurt, but I hope I can get the swelling down by morning, or I may not hike out. I have enough food for six days to get to Erwin Tennessee, which is 70 miles away. I hope my ankle is okay and I think the lack of pain is a good sign. I just didn't manage it well today.

The night ended with friendly visits and great conversions and I will remember Hot Springs with many happy memories. Now if this ankle would just heal up....