6-23-12 Lynn Camp Creek

AT miles hiked today: 1.2
Total AT miles hiked: 557.3

Oh dear. I had a complete emotional meltdown after a night of poor sleep. I slept in the shelter and bugs bit me all night and I wore my headnet, which messed with my sleep, too. I'm not really sure what is going on with me right now, but the heat is hard on me and I was completely unmotivated today.

Eagle Eye was trying to figure out how to help me feel better but I was not able to pull out of my funk. Then this guy just walked up to the shelter. No pack, no water, just walking in the mountains looking for a view. It turned out he knew Eagle Eye, and the coincidence was just kind of amazing. He was a very interesting person to meet. He seemed like some messenger that we should pay attention to so we talked about what he said after he left. I got from him that you will be happy when you find your niche in life, and only then. Also, he said to hike all the miles and embrace the chaos of the trail (and life?). He seemed to not only know himself well, but also how others perceive him and be fine with both. He is very smart and didn't fit in well because he walked everywhere. He still does apparently.

After he left, Hoosh came through after taking off five days. "You are still back here?" Yes. We are totally lame right now. After wasting most of the day we moved down the trail a mile to this campsite. Thigh Master and Hermit, with their dog Bailey also camped here. It was a nice spot and we made a fire, but it was a pathetic day and I feel lame for not hiking.