6-22-12 Knot Maul Branch Shelter

AT miles hiked today: 11.9
Total AT miles hiked: 556.1

Today was a more respectable day, though still kind of lame mileage wise. We lucked out and the weather was overcast and cooler than the last couple of days have been. Brushy mountain was a little like Jacob's ladder was, a steep elevation gain over .8 miles. I didn't see a mountain lion up there, but Nice Lady wrote in the register that she did. So cool.

There were pretty fields, fence stiles to climb over and a few blackberries to pick and eat today. We got more blackberries on the day we hiked into Atkins, but I still appreciated every one today.

We have warnings about the water situation written in the shelter register. We have almost no water and made a semi dry night at the shelter. I sure hope there is water very close tomorrow, or we will be in trouble. Nobody else is here tonight, just the two of us. This is my first time at a shelter without others showing up.

We broke another tree branch tonight because I keep underestimating how much both of our food bags weigh together. It almost landed on me and then I had to find and throw another line in the dark, which I did, but it sucks. Also, my 2mm nylon rope sucks as a bear bagging rope. It is stretchy and too thin.

The bugs are bad so I'm sleeping with my head net on tonight.