Days since my thruhike began: 214

Sharkey picked us up last night and brought us to his house near Waynesboro. Also there were River Dawg, Snowman, Funguy, Terranauta, Mandela, City Slicker, Proxy, Eagle Eye, me, and Rummy Bitch. Rummy made pizza after home made pizza, creating a seemingly endless parade of delicious food. Once again I ate until I was painfully full. We hung out and told stories until we put on a movie, "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou," a thruhiker favorite, and others went out to the hot tub. Then we laid out our sleeping mats and bags outside and inside and fell asleep. In the morning, Rummy Bitch, who had completed her own NOBO thruhike with Sharkey earlier this year, made us a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, eggs full of veggies and cheese, and coffee.

We took today as one more zero day to wait for Eagle Eye's eye to get better. Rummy Bitch brought us back to Don and Jeanmarie's house today and they not only took us back to their house, but Don offered to slackpack us 24 miles tomorrow and pick us back up so Eagle Eye can have one more day to heal. I'm on antibiotics now, and I'm hoping to start feeling better soon, as well. Here's hoping our slackpack goes well tomorrow. It would be our biggest day ever, but neither of us is feeling the best we ever have.