Days since my thruhike began: 213

We took another zero day and Don took us back to Walmart for Eagle Eye to get her eye examined. She got a prescription antibiotic ointment and Don treated us to Starbucks. We got a package from Toe Knee with homemade cookies and pumpkin bread and a prepaid Visa gift card for each of us. What a great treat! Thank you, Toe Knee! We both used our gift cards to buy warmer base layers for our legs at the outfitter. We asked if they knew Sharkey, because we had heard he lives near here, and they did know him. We left a message for him with our phone numbers in case he came back in, and he called a few hours later. He is planning a get together for several of the SOBO thruhikers in the area and he remembered us from Maine and invited us along, too. Eagle Eye doesn't feel good, but didn't want to miss out on hanging out with everybody.

Don and Jeanmarie are so helpful and accommodating to our many needs, including driving us everywhere we need to go, cooking and feeding us fantastic food, and treating us like honored guests as we stay longer than any of us had intended so we can take care of our medical issues. You two are wonderful. I can't thank you enough!