Days since my thruhike began: 195

We made it through Hurricane Sandy unscathed, though I feel a little deja vu from Hurricane Katrina as I watch the flooding and destruction in New York and New Jersey. I feel so bad for all those affected by this storm. I feel almost guilty for being okay and getting back on the trail, while others are in desperate need. I also feel relieved that the trail seems mostly okay, though the AT did get snow and blowdowns, and parts of the trail, like in Shenandoah National Park, were closed. We will head back tomorrow, Halloween day, get set up for the night at the Blackburn Center, and slackpack from Harpers Ferry back to the Blackburn Center.

Eagle Eye and I worked on logistics and planning all the way through to finish our hikes. We spent the day sorting and repackaging food, and planning and packing up bounce boxes we are shipping ahead to ourselves. I spent some time online on Whiteblaze.net finding trail angels, phone numbers and friends of friends in upcoming cities. I'm ready to hike again.