Days since my thruhike began: 194

The storm began in earnest. We went back to the grocery store again and then Low Gear took us to REI, which was out of Aqua Mira water treatment drops, though we called about them yesterday and they said of course they had them. They are my water treatment method and Eagle Eye switched to them as well, and we couldn't resupply! I wonder if storm fears had people buying them? I might hadn't thought of that, but it probably is good preparation in case of emergencies. Low Gear gave us his leftover drops, so we should have enough to get to the next outfitter.

We had a hurricane potluck with Low Gear and Debbie's neighbor. Once again the food was wonderful, and it was strange and fun having political conversations again, especially with people from Washington DC. I realize how shielded I have been from all that, and I am quite grateful, actually. I'm relieved to leave it all again and go back in the woods, at least for now, but first there is this storm. I'll keep my headlamp handy in case we lose power. My weather channel addiction is fully activated and Eagle Eye and Debbie spent all day baking mounds of amazing homemade cookies. Hurricane Sandy hits tonight.