Days since my thruhike began: 188
AT miles hiked today: 12.2
Total AT miles hiked: 1704.6
Miles to complete my thruhike: 479.6

I have hiked 1700 miles and counting! I'm in one of the Tumbling Run Shelters, the non snoring one. Really. One is labeled "Snoring" and the other is "Non Snoring". It is not as cold tonight as the last couple of nights, but I can still see my breath. I didn't go to Chimney Rock because I got there not long before dark, at 6:10. I still had 1.3 miles to the shelter, which I did without a headlamp, arriving at 6:40. I got there so late because I didn't leave the shelter this morning until 11:45am, after the rain stopped. Then I stopped a couple of times to take pictures and once to read a logbook randomly sitting in a box on the side of the trail. I love the logbooks/registers. They are really special to me, especially since I'm a lover of journals anyway.

It was beautiful today and my shoes are still dry because I waited for the rain to stop this morning. I hiked all twelve miles starting essentially at noon. I didn't mind getting in late because I chose to take the pictures and knew the consequences. It makes me happy to take pictures and think about how to share them. I plan to add them to the blog once I get home and get a chance to work with with them. I'm sorry I don't upload pictures now, but my phone stopped taking pictures, so I can't upload them easily like I could early on.