Days since my thruhike began: 187
AT mikes hiked today: 7.4
Total AT miles hiked: 1692.4
Miles to complete my thruhike: 491.8

I am in one of the Quarry Gap Shelters with Eagle Eye. We hung tarps and tents across the front to block the very cold wind. Stonewall is in the other side. We made it into a boy's side and a girl's side. This shelter has the best design ever, though I am partial to bunks, so it could be just a little better if it had those, too.

There are two separate three walled shelters connected by a roof with a picnic table under the roof and between the shelters. There is a windscreen in the back of the eating area that you can roll down, which we did. The concrete fire pit is built in the shape of a horseshoe, with the ends pointed at the picnic table, aiming the heat right into the central kitchen/picnic table area. This design, with the windscreen down, allowed us to hang out and play games like checkers and chess, which were handily available. Otherwise, we would have been way too cold and we would have had to huddle in our sleeping bags instead.

This shelter is designed by Jim, the "Innkeeper." We met him today when we first arrived, meaning only to stay for a late lunch break. Somehow we are still here. We met Yellow Shirt as he hiked through and we also talked to Low Gear (of the New England trail magic incidents). He said to call when we got near Maryland, and we will be there within a couple of days. He will pick us up near Harpers Ferry, WV, to do a resupply and we will spend a day in DC. I'm going to the Smithsonian! I may never finish this hike with all the awesome things I keep finding along the way. But, don't worry, I really will finish. It just may take a bit longer than I expected.