Monday. Yesterday we met a wonderful couple at the Doyle who offered us a ride to the Rite Aid. Even though it was Sunday, a relative wired some money to Eagle Eye, in my name, at the Rite Aid, because she has no ID to pick up packages or wired money either. But the cashier said there wasn't enough cash in the register to give the full amount, so she gave $40 in cash and the rest as a money order she said I could cash at the bank next to the Doyle this morning. With this new obstacle we both were stressing out and the couple, Rattlesnake and Sea Glass, gave us money to buy dinner. Thank you both!

So I tried to cash the money order this morning at the bank and they treated it like a check and said I had no account with them and wouldn't cash it. I thought money orders were like cash?! Not to a bank, I guess. But Beth at the bank was helpful and called Rite Aid who agreed to cash the money order they had issued me yesterday, which I had written to myself and endorsed already at the bank.

So, Pat drove us up to the Rite Aid this afternoon, they did cash it and finally that is all worked out and Eagle Eye got her money. Now I just have to wait another couple of days for money to get transfered into my bank account. But I'm hiking on tomorrow. Today turned into an accidental zero, and after all the stress we decided to follow JB's advice and take our first double zero in Duncannon. We were able to afford it because a Trail Angel paid for our room tonight, so we stayed. Thank you, everybody who helped us so much during this stressful time. Duncannon, and everybody at the Doyle, have been wonderful to us.