We realized that we needed to take a zero day to try and get Eagle Eye's lost wallet financial issues worked out. So I hung out at the bar and got more of the celebrity style treatment. People bought drinks for me all day, so I enjoyed the hard apple cider and local beer. Thank you all! I doubly appreciated that the money I couldn't have spent was going towards the Doyle. I really hope they get enough business to keep serving hikers and locals.

JB came back from the Gathering, with Nomad, who had gotten a ride there with him. Nomad bought us some food that we all shared, a giant sub, chips, a soda and ice cream. Thank you, Nomad! And JB bought us another round of drinks. Thank you, JB!

JB strongly suggested that we take a double zero day here, and we both resisted, due to cost, and trying not to be lazy. Toe Knee checked up on us in Port Clinton and we had to explain why we took so long to get there. She really was a good motivator for our group. Without her I feel a little lost, and I miss her. Anyway, I couldn't afford another night after tonight, even if a Triple Crowner thinks I should.