A New Breed of Nature Cinema


Nature is compelling by nature

This is the mantra threaded into every scene of As it Happens- an adventure documentary set within 2,500-miles of pristine wilderness and small town America.

The release of this film marks the birth of a new breed of nature cinema. One that’s rooted not only in the thrill of the outdoors, but the deep, life changing stories that develop when you throw yourself into the wild.

The documentary premiered to a sold out theater in New York City on June 21st, has been submitted to Banff Film Festival and is making its way in talks with distribution partners.

Keep your eyes glued to TheDustyCamel.org for updates on As it Happens and future productions like Te Araroa: Expedition 2013.

Thank you to all sponsors, fans, friends and family for helping make this film a reality. The more people inspired to experience nature means they'll be more people to protect it.