Fjällräven Keb Trousers


Since we are on the topic of Fjällräven  I thought it appropriate to go a little more in depth then just being a stand-up company to look out for. While admittedly, I do have a LOT of Fjällräven  goods, by far (far far!) my favorite are the Keb Trousers. In my opinion, they are the best outdoor pants on the market. Suited for any type of use, these bad-boys feature stretch panels on key movement areas as well as the durable and functional G-1000 Eco. 

G-1000 is a cotton/poly blend which allows the poly to be more breathable, but keeps its insulation value when wet. With the durability of a heavy grade canvas, but much lighter thanks to the poly portion -- this material is tooted as the best outdoor material. Nice thing is, the G-1000 Eco is made with, you guessed it, eco friendly materials; recycled polyester and organic cotton. Located in key areas such as the inside of the ankle (where people tend to kick up dirt from their boots) knees and seat, the G-1000 Eco makes these trousers some hard wearing, heavy duty garb.

Get warm easily? Worry not, for the stretch panels on the remaining areas of the pants allow for inhanced breathability and comfort without restricting movement. The softshell material is water resistant and simply comfy. That not enough? Well lucky you; the Keb Trousers just so happen to have two (read: TWO) 12" inch zippered vents on EACH leg, for a total of four vents. Now you don't have an excuse to wear your zip-off pants as these are as comfortable in the summer as they are in the winter.

With two large cargos -- one zippered for security, one open for convenience -- two regular pockets, and built in gaiter cuff (tightens around the ankle with a clip to secure the bottom to your shoelace preventing dirt and snow from getting in your boot) the Kebs are full featured, no bull pants.