Under Armour breathes support & comfort

Depending on the temperature and how active of a hiker you are consider wearing Under Armour Spandex leggings, with compression shorts underneath, on your next hike.

Don’t spend the money on Gore-tex rain pants.  They don’t breathe, and can make you sweat more than the rain/fog outside.

Barring freezing temperatures, Spandex is a great alternative (Under Armour also has "cold gear" that is thicker grade spandex).  If they get wet the heat from your body dries them in a matter of twenty-minutes. Unlike hard shell pants they breathe and provide great support for the gentlemen. Because they aren’t baggy they’re less likely to get stuck on brush, or crampons. Also, during long days the tightness of the spandex on your muscles has been proven to slightly increase muscle endurance.

Just make sure when you get into town you have something, perhaps camp pants, to throw over them.  Apparently you get strange looks while walking into restaurants in just leggings! But, no worries, those people are probably just jealous!

5 out of 5 stars