Frog Toggs.... Don't buy 'em !


When starting the Appalachian Trail I was extremely budget conscious and went for a brand I knew wouldn’t bust my wallet.  I quickly learned that going with Frog Toggs for raingear was a bad decision. 

For starters, the pants are extremely baggy for active hikers.  They impede on your movement and get caught on crampons, or brush, rendering them useless. 

The jacket’s cut was disproportioned and the sleeves extended to only halfway down my forearm.  Not ideal when you are battling cold-rain, ice, hail and wind at elevation.

Lastly, the material, which Frog Toggs is known for, started to pull apart after heavy use.  Leaving patches of what looked like gray mice scattered across my jacket and pants.

Needless to say, after about a month of trying to work with my mistake, I ditched Frog Toggs and moved on with my life.

0 out of 5 stars