And then we're....

Well, as we speak Andy and I are on a bus back to hanover where we left the trail. Its been an exciting week, and we took a few days longer than expected, but it was worth it.

We left danielles around 430 to take a bus back, and we both decided that we couldn't stay away from the trail any longer; it was getting a little too comfortable away from it!

We have 440 miles left on the trail, and we have a lot of work ahead of us as we are about to enter the whites. Previously, when we talked about what's going to happen along the trail we said:

"we have a couple weeks until we get to Philly, and then after that we will have 10 days until new York, and then we have 3 weeks until Boston for graduation, AND THEN WE ARE done!" well ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived to the 'and then we are' part of that time line. The last leg of the trip has arrived.

So, thank you for your patience and waiting for us to return to the site. There won't be a day missing until this trip has ended.

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