sorry everyone

I know I know, it's been a while, and for that I apologize.

Anyway, just a short recap of whats been going on. The day after we left the Hazeltons, we started our hitch into Boston. It took a total of four hitches to get in, but only 4 hours -- which is only an hour longer than it would have if we were to get a straight shot, and shorter than it would have if we were to take the bus!

After breakfast, we went to the on ramp and set up two signs, one saying AT Hikers, and the other saying 2 Boston 4 Graduation. We set up the signs on our poles and sat on the guard rail to wait. As we were sitting down, a pick-up truck pulled off to the side and told us to jump in. We put our packs in the back, and got in the front. There were two guys there, and one of them was going to the hospital at Dartmouth to get checked out. They were nice guys, and they gave us a ride about 10 miles away from concord (nearly halfway.) So they dropped us off, and we went to go to the south bound on ramp only to find that it was a nearly 3 miles away. Unfortunately, we had to walk, but it's not like we don't do that anyway, so we started out and wrote on the back of one sign to 89 South to see if we could get a ride the three miles. About a mile and a half into it, we went through a town and a pick up that was pulling out of a parking lot stopped in front of us. We weren't sure if he saw the signs or where we were going so we went to go talk to him, but he just pointed to the back of the pickup and we hopped in. And off he went, to where? We had no idea. We were relieved at first after he got onto 89 south, and it was an interesting experience driving on the highway in the back of a pickup truck, but cool none-the-less. We thought our first ride put us in a tight spot by putting us 3 miles away from the south onramp, but this guy really put us in a tight spot. We needed to get from 89 to 93, and that is what he did. However, he was still going to the end of 89 and didnt drive up 93 at all, so he dropped us off in the middle of the highway at the on ramp to 93 from 89. This was a tough place to get a hitch, because everyone is turning off one highway and getting on to another, so everyone is speeding up and theres no room to pull over. We actually got lucky and only waited about 15 minutes before someone pulled over. He was nice enough to pull over just enough to let cars pass, but it was still a tight spot, so we jumped in as quickly as possible and headed off. His name was Gil and he was from around there and was very nice enough to drive us as far as he could which was about 25% of the way.

After gil dropped us off, we went and set up near the onramp once more. we were actually there for the longest time, we tried moving and going to different spots and finally after a while, we got one. Tom picked us up and drove us as far as he could before he had to pick up his girlfriend in salem, ma. Luckily, she called him and said she would be late, so he offered to drive us in all the way to downtown Boston -- which he did.

So we ended up in Boston, walked around, saw some people, showered and got situated. We will resume our hike early this week, but when, we are not sure. So theres the update! And I will update it again once we jump back on the trail!