Back on the trail

Day 55

Hiked today: 10.6
Hiked total: 1183.5
To katahdin: 994.8

Andy and I went to bed late because of all the stuff we had to do, which means we over slept and didn't get a full day in.

We had a big breakfast and packed up all our stuff and papa Laub drove us to the trail. We stopped off for lunch first which was nice and then got last minute things at the cabelas.

We got on the trail to rain and fog. It wasn't fun. It was only a ten mile day so it wasn't too bad. Lots of emotions getting back on the trail. However, we are in an awesome cabin shelter, the care taker lives in a house twenty feet away and came in to say hi. So we are now in bunk beds listening to the rain fall on the tin roof. We are happy to be out, but also a little sad to leave.

A big thanks to everyone who made this weekend great!
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