Last rest night

Well, it is our last night here at Andy's house, and I must say, it's been great -- for many reasons. The first night we just rested and cleaned up, enjoyed being in a house and out of the woods. We had some real food and a nap in the car before we got back to his place. After we got there, we drove around in his car, got some Steve's Steaks, and we both noticed that at night its really bright -- we aren't really used to any type of lights other than our small headlamps at night. We came back and slept.

The next morning (saturday,) we woke up and made a big breakfast. My mom was taking the train up because she couldn't wait a day to come and see me when my siblings and step-dad were coming up. We hung out during the day where, once again, we just relaxed and tried to stay off our swollen feet as much as possible. Andy's friends were playing at a bar near by, so we had planned to go out and finally have me meet a bunch of the people I hear about all the time. So at about 9:30, Ant came and picked us up to bring us there. I met a handful of people I have heard many stories about including, Ant, Dom, Joey, Jay, Josh, Neyer, Bridget, Tom, Adam, Brett, Tim, Rachel and Pete. I hung out with a girl named Andrea for most of the night, and Jay and Tom for a good portion of it. Anyway, we had a great time, Andy was up and dancing and even sang a little towards the very end of the night. I was just hanging out and having a good time with the people I had met that night. Andrea dropped her blackberry (which means we had a lot to talk about as I have a crackberry as well) and the ball came off. Some how, I found a tiny little ball on the floor of a dark bar, as well as another piece that came off. I have no idea how I spotted it. Not only that, but Jay lost the cap of his chapstick, and I somehow managed to find that as well, my trail name should be eagle eyes. We got back around 2:30 and passed out.

The next day was Easter and two of my siblings and my step-dad came up to have an early dinner with Andys Grandma, and Grandpa as well as his uncle. We ate and enjoyed seeing everyone and relaxed the rest of the day. I kept busy talking with Andrea (over blackberry of course) and we enjoyed the day. That evening, Andy and I met up with Sam. We spent about an hour chatting about the trip, and then she had to leave. We drove around a little and then went back to Andy's.

Today was more of our trail-prep day. Until now, we haven't really thought about the rest of the trail -- we only told stories of the part we have done. We had to get a bunch of things and resupply our food stocks. We went to EMS and met a woman named Liz who was cool and even knew about Nemo tents! Basically all day we were running around and are quite tired now. We stopped by Hastings house to see him and then Andy's Grams. Mama and Papa Laub were kind enough to drive us around on our errands and resupply our food, and Andy got a new sleeping bag which was well overdue. We also got backpacker guitars! Andy missed his guitar a lot, and I figured I could learn something in a couple months, and it would make the camp time much more fun.

In about 10 days we will be at my house in NYC and take another few days off -- which I am very excited for :). It's time to get back on the trail, and while I had a very fun time meeting people here, we definitely can't stay any more, we are getting too comfortable. So onwards we go. 1000 miles left!