Bob peoples

Day 27

Hiked today: 15.6
Hiked total: 412.6
To katahdin: 1765.7

We went to sleep and woke up warm, which already made the day great. We had a small day, but full none the less. The terrain was fairly easy and it was warm and sunny. So much so, that our boots were able to dry out for the first time in 3 days. Even though they were dry, our feet were still partially wet by the time we got to Kincora - Bob Peoples hostel. When we got here, the wasn't home, but the door to the bunk room was open anyway. We quickly peeled off our socks and let our feet dry. We only took 6 hours of hiking to get here and leaving an hour early gave us some good relaxation time. By the time Bob got here it was 2, and he said he would take us in to town at 4 when he went to church. So we waited around, did our laundry, and talked.

When Bob was ready, we went into town. He dropped us off to the one place we said we would never brave again - the china buffet. Andy was a little better and didn't feel ill, while I think I got off easier than before solely because the food was a little better here. I still ate too much.

After letting my belly grumble for a little, we went to get a much needed resupply. We had zero food left. So we got all we needed and headed back with Bob.

After we got our 2 lb package of cookie dough rolled out and in the oven, we started talking a lot with Bob. He's actually from Boston, and lived in Vermont for most his life. He just left the board of directors of the AT, and him and a dozen others are in charge of maintaining 135 miles of the trail (this guy is in his 60's mind you.) he told us a lot about the trail, the people, and himself. We were very happy, and very full. Tomorrow we push on and in 2.5 days we will be in damascus which is only a couple days away from 500 miles - the psychological quarter way point.

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