Bald eagle

Day 39

Hiked today: 20.0

Hiked total: 743.5

To katahdin: 1434.8

We got up, packed, and chuckled as the girls tried to do the same. It was funny watching them put away their crazy gear like a hatchet, bear bell, and giant shovel. Their stove wasn't working so they ate granola for breakfast. I told them to get the one I have in hopes they can have hot food for the next 6 days. We took a picture and went on our way.

It was another nice sunny day. It was a little chilly, but good none the less. The terrain was really easy as well. We crossed the blue ridge parkway and then saw a sign saying we would cross it numerous miles for almost 100 miles, so we started up the road. The miles match up almost exactly, but on the road you can cover a lot more ground quicker. Since the trail follows it literally within 10 yards, we didn't care. It was nice to walk next to each other and talk. We were able to actually look around and see all the scenic stops because we weren't looking at our feet the whole time. We saw copper hawks following us, AND we saw a bald eagle. That was awesome. We both love eagles and saw it as a good omen. Buds are peeking through, grass is greener, and we have even seen flowers!

Unfortunately, the rain is supposed to start tomorrow. However, we decided we are just going to get back on the road tomorrow and walk until the final intersection. Same miles exactly (70) but we will be able to save a day by pushing out extra on the road. We will be seeing the same stuff and get closer to home! We are planning to be in shennandoahs in 5 days and at the PA boarder in 12! That's big.

We will have to push through the rain, but its all good. I just hope we don't have the forecasted 5 days.

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