Back on the trail

Day 38.5

Hiked today: 5.0

Hiked total: 723.6

To katahdin: 1454.7

Well we are on the trail again and my stomach is feeling better. Its nice to be back on the trail after a few days of being off.

We ate our free breakfast and left the motel we were at then went to the outfitter. It was a decent outfitter and Andy got a nice pair of boots.while we were eating lunch we met a south bounder named Freebird. They came around 1:30 and we left after eating lunch.

It was a short hike and the weather was great. Anything under 10 miles will be considered a half day in my counting from now on. We got up here and relaxed in the warm sun.

About 10 minutes after we got here a group of girls started up to the shelter. They are on spring break and hiking the AT for a week. They are all really nice, although a little crazy, and it was nice to hang out with people our age. So far they are the second set of hikers our age we have come across in nearly 7 weeks. Its weird being around 5 people after being practically alone with Andy.

Tomorrow will be our first real day again and we are looking forward to the nice weather again.

Oh and Andys dad said there was a manhunt for a guy on the west Virginia border which is basically right we are. Hopefully we won't run into him.

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