Rest Day

Day 3

Hiked today: 3.7
Total hiked: 31.2

I woke up today as soon as it was light enough to see. My entire body was buried in my sleeping bag, my feet were in my pack to keep them warm, and I have all my clothes on and I'm still cold. I grab everything as soon as I can, don't even fold my tent -- I just stuff it in my pack -- and make way for Neely gap through Blood Mountain. This is supposed to be the hardest part of the hike from what I've heard. It's not far, but I took a benedryl to help me sleep (which it did not) but woke up groggy and feeling bad. I ran out of water the night before, and everything I passed was frozen, even the little running water I did find wouldn't fiter through my water filter because THAT was frozen. Everything was frozen in my tent, even my pants. So I push forwards, contemplating whether or not I want to go home (it was that bad of a night.) I pass Blood Mountain shelter which was really nice and had a fire place (wish I stayed there! Would have died if I went the extra mile and a half up-hill though) and though for sure I wasn't at the summit. However I was, took some nice pictures, and made my way down. Got a little turned around, and my knees are shot because it was pretty steep down. I need hiking poles. I was not sure whether I would want them or not, but after today, I need them. Anyway, I make it down and see the glorious Mountain Crossings supplier/hostel. I run inside, buy a water, and tell them I am staying the night. I need a warm and good nights sleep. Alpine (one of the guys who works here) asks if I want to work for stay, so I gladly do so. Not too much todo, but enough to keep busy so I don't fall asleep and mess up my sleep schedule. Here is where I found out I almost had hypothermia, and here is where they tell me I am absolutely crazy for using a 30 degree sleeping bag this early in the year. So as well as getting treking poles to save my knees and legs, I get a pack liner which is essentially a smaller sleeping bag so it should bring me down to a 5 or 10 degree bag. Wearing my clothes when its really cold out, I should be fine. A guy named Pirate lives on the AT, basically at every point, and uses most of his money to helping hikers and mainting the trail. So he had cooked up some wonderful sloppy joes which were free (aside from a tip jar where I threw in a couple dollars) and I started working. Alpine was really nice to me, and helped me out a lot with the gear I am lacking. Gave me a little of a discount too.

Anyway, don't expect anything this long while using my phone. I am on a computer right now which is at Mountain Crossings. So I am going to enjoy a nice hot meal, and a warm bed. Won't be in another town for 5 days or so. Oh yea, and its snowing again. I hope I don't have another kill me moment though. The next few days I'll be going at a slower pace!