Possibly the worst day of my life.

Day 2

Hiked Today: 19.7
Total hiked: 27.5

Sorry I didn't update this earlier, but yeserday was terrible. Started off a little later than I would have liked, left the camp around 9. I wanted to make it to Gooch Gap shelter because the one before that was only like 7 miles away and I wanted some more miles than that. So I decided to go there. The hike to the first shelter wasn't bad, decent weather. I made it there around 1, which again, was later than I would have liked. I decided to push through and go the next 12 miles to Woods Hole shelter. This is when things went bad quickly. It started to rain, nothing unexpected though. Then the higher up I got, the colder it got, and then it started snowing. It was almost all uphill too. I am tired, and fairly wet. I stopped for a few minutes to eat some food (who knew I would like peanut butter so much...) and kept going to try to get there before dark. HA, before dark. There was a couple camp sites on the way after Woody Gap that I could have camped at, but then it really started getting cold, snowy, and very WINDY. So I decided I would have to tough it out to make the shelter to have some protection. Finally, just as it's starting to get dark, I see a sign up ahead. It says the shelter is 1.4 miles. I almost died. I kept going, sore, tired, hungry, and cold. Finally about 8:30 I make it to the shelter, its basically pitch black. I am too tired to eat so I have a few bites and pitch my tent in the shelter to protect me from the howling wind. I use my headphones as ear buds to I try to get some rest, but the howling wind wakes me up every couple of hours. I don't get much sleep and later I find out that I had early signs of hypothermia! I did not think it would get this cold in Georgia! That was a tough night, tiring, cold, wet, just all around a bad day -- so much so, I was ready to come home.