Interesting turn of events

Day 0

So, in my previous post I told you how wonderful the inn was, and it still is. However we have a different view of it now.

Today was our rest and relaxation day and it started off that way very well. We woke up, and I took a shower in the most amazing shower. We go down stairs and Frank had made breakfast. He made scrambled eggs, blueberry pancakes, homefries, with a home made syrup, orange juice and lots of coffee. It was very yummy. We then went into town to get a few things at the outfitter, add pictures to here, and resupply our food. We got back to the inn to do our work to pay off our stay. He had us paint a bunch of stuff, redo some electrical stuff and clean up the kitchen. All this took nearly 5 hours. Alright, that's not terrible I suppose, however, that was only for last night. He said he would make us dinner, but we said we had planned to leave in the morning and couldn't work off tonight if we had to do another 5 hours tomorrow. We had hoped he would have said we have done more than enough, but it was very awkward. He said he had hoped we would stay for a few extra days and work. It would have been fine if we didn't spend our entire free day working. It just wasn't restful. So we started packing up saying we would just camp somewhere along the trail, again hoping he would offer something better, but he said ok. We had at least hoped he would still make us dinner, but he hardly paid any attention to us and kind of ignored us until we had left.
So we left. Kind of in a grumpy mood that he wouldn't at the very least feed us. We had a strange feeling towards him. We have been surrounded by so much kindness because we are hikers, but his was off. He was a nice person and let us work for stay, but for 5 hours of work a day. Anyway, we left to find a place to sleep. It was cold but at least its clear out. We went to the dollar general store and they were nice enough to let us use their microwave in the back so we got what ever we could. We each ate a mini pizza, burrito, half a smoked sausage, four chocolate cookie pies, and a quarter gallon of chocolate milk. That was the best we could come up with there. We would have left town and done a little night hiking had the diner not open at 6 meaning we can get coffee and a hot meal in the morning. So we went back south on the trail right before it gets into town at the parking lot and set up camp. After the difficult ordeal of setting up the bear bag, and turning off all the lights when we hear a car drive by, we tend to fall fast asleep, wake to have a warm breakfast, and trek on.

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