Hot Springs Diner

Day 18

Hiked today: 11.0
Hiked total: 282.8
To katahdin: 1895.5

About 15 minutes after andys alarm went off from a surprisingly restful sleep. It was cold out (12) but we weren't cold in the tent. We packed up and headed towards the diner.

We went in and around the corner was a giant booth next to a large heater. We planted ourselves and our packs as close as we could - so much so, In fact, that the waitress said our stuff may burn. We started off with a few large cups of endless coffee and ordered our food. Andy got two biscuits with gravy, two eggs, hashbrowns and sausage while I got a steak biscuit, fried apples, scrambled eggs, grits, English muffin, and sausage.

Before we got our food, one of the waitresses brought over a book of letters children from a nearby school wrote to thru-hikers. The school adopted part of the trail, so the students basically maintain it. After writing a letter back we got our food. It was amazing. Less than $10 each, and by far the best breakfast on the trail. We sat there for a while to relax and then said our goodbyes. We wish we could start off everyday like today!

We left and went to the outfitter to pick up a blanket for some added warmth and to protect our bags from the condensation from our breathing at night and headed on. The first part was pretty hard, but really pretty.

We only hiked 11 miles because the next shelter is 8.5 miles away from here, and we got a late start. The next three days are going to be long days with our shortest being 18 miles.

The sun was shining and it was fairly warm, so all in all it was a good day.

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