September 20th

After hauling ass through the woods…getting stronger I said goodbye to Mountain Goat on route 11 in Vermont and caught a ride to a motel a mile out of town.  I thought I would run for the shower but by the time I got here I really didn't give a crap anymore.   I had to go look for a new backpack (long story) and buy my food for the next 3 days.  I hitched a ride and was picked up within 5 minutes by sweet girls.  My feet hurt so fucking much from the rain and all of the miles that wearing my camp shoes with no insoles and no socks felt AWFUL.  John, the wonderful man that owns the motel did my laundry while I was in town so I came back to sweet smelling gear to dirty up again.  Its amazing how the dirt doesn't bother me, getting water from nearly standing water with mosquitoes doesn't bother me, and I think nothing of eating food I dropped on the ground.  Its all very primitive.  Its also how primal a reaction there is to fire.  We've had one campfire (which mister Murren calls “nature’s cable television”) and everyone was drawn to it.  I love the way the warmth feels against my skin, the way its ever changing and the way it gathered us together on that night.  I was finally able to empty my pack, sort through some things to send home to reduce weight, waken out my stove, gators, and hydration bladder (which had some sort if shit growing in it).  Ate half a large pizza, 4 donuts, and 4 snapple ice teas and then made some calls, sent texts and emails.  When my phone service came back on I was surprised to see how many messages there were.  It may seem like a little thing but it’s not.  I like to be alone.  I like to be left alone quite a bit, but knowing that people are thinking about me and cheering me on is... again my grasp of the english language is painfully inadequate.   PLEASE keep them coming.  They'll make the bad days tolerable and the great days even better.  I'm about ready to pack up, leave behind the comfy bed,shower and 4 walls to hitch into manchester, mail some packages and head back into the woods.

"It began in mystery and it will end in mystery, but what a savage and beautiful country lies in between."  Diane Ackerman

"To live is so startling, it leaves little time for anything else".  Emily Dickinson

Todd is OUT!!!!!!!!!!!