The Four Families:


Blood Family:

My Brother Colin, who gave me just the shove I needed.  Without him none of this would have been possible. 

My Mom and Dad for not packing up and moving away in the middle of the night in an attempt to escape from Colin and I.  I would have.

Aunt Helen and Uncle Rene for providing me with food, lodging, and love for 5+ years.

Drew Gagnon for being the other half of the Gemini Twins and for giving me a place to go when I had none.

Tyler Gagnon for still using words like 'hock dogs' and 'minoleum' and for 100+ mph rides in the Camaro on the Taconic.

Kirsten Sabrowski for her grace and strength to not only survive but triumph in a life that would have killed most.

The Kids: Sawyer, Sascha, and Alexa for proving to me, every time I see them, that there's good in the world. 

Chosen Family:

John Murren, The Bronx Buddha, for his wisdom and the rare ability to not just hear but listen.

Rennie Resmini, Harry Rosa,  and Vince Rosa, for the unholy racket we created for 22 years.   I don't really have the words to express what a privilege it was sharing the stage, studio, and rehearsal room with you guys.  Beautiful, Repulsive, Hateful, and Soul Wrenching...    

Catherine Swanhart for being my moral compass when I had none.

Barbara Brew for sharing my sense of humor, keeping me sane (relatively speaking) and keeping me organized.  Set Max!

Molly Gill for picking up the pieces whenever it was necessary and for the strength she doesn't know she possesses.

Laura Suchy Vaughn for Friday morning therapy, egg and cheese sandwiches, and endless patience.

Madeline Kalajian: We'll always have Newburgh.

My Bosses: Beverly Stevens, Rick Rigling, and Kevin Bill for allowing me the time off.

Jocelyn Walker for liking to be touched even less than me.

Michele Smallidge for her 6 pack abs and cute kids.

Megan Forte-BBCF (best book club friend, 'F' bomb dropper, smart ass, and ego checker) for pushing me to go for a long walk.

Jack Simon for showing me how to fund my trip through Ebay, the orthotics, and the constant running injury support and his generous donation of a smartphone..

Janet Hubert for the way she runs her kids over in the car and then laughs about it and for her fierce commitment to her patients.

Tom Halpin for the peace he brings to my department and for understanding so well why I like to be alone in the woods. 

Emily Jane Wolf for holding on as tightly as she did for as long as she did.  You have no idea how proud I am of you.

Jim and Judy Othmer for their kindness, empathy, and hospitality.

Janice K. Sarno, Queen Of All Physician Assistants: How can I thank you without an 'F' word or something completely inappropriate?  I can't.

My insane Danbury Hospital/MAC Building Crew: The 2 Crazy Debs, Jen, Jillian, Gale, Krista, Julia B., Vickie M., Polly S., Nicole, Elizabeth Quispe, Eric B., Siggy, Dottie, and Allison.

Mr. Marciano and the Cornell Physician Assistant Program for giving me not 1 but 2 chances.

My patient's for teaching me far more than I teach them.    


Medical Family:

Susan Nilson, LCSW because I don't know where I'd be without your help.  Thank you for patiently trying to show me that there is a huge life to be lived in between the extremes.  Don't give up!

Four Winds DBT Program Staff: Where it all came apart and was stitched back together again.

Lawrence J. Winters BPS, LMHC for his unflinching immersion into our darkest moments and for showing us a way back home.  

Dr. Ammerman for his prescription pad and enthusiasm.

Dr. Weinshel for being the only doctor who draws his own blood  and calls on weekends and at 6 in the morning with test results.

Silver Hill Finishing School for getting me through Round 1.

Marsha Linehan for writing the book.


Trail Family:

Ian Mangiardi and The Dusty Camel.  I know you do this because you love it, but thanks, Dude.

Stacy Young and the Wilderness Running Company for helping to introduce me to trail running and for his remarkable generosity.  He donated a good portion of what will be keeping me warm, dry, blister free, and well lit (headlamps, not booze!) on my walk.  He's proof that there is good in the world.

Chelsea Bowers, Megan Foster, and RAINN

The warriors at MAPC & PROTECT

Andrew Vachss for creating Burke

Donna Christopher and the Danbury News Times

The AT thru hikers who share their wisdom with me every weekend.

Mark and Sean for walking the walk for their wounded military family.  Please visit .

Marc Chapman and Kilometers Running Shop for his knowledge, generosity, and gratitude.

Christy, Mike, and the staff at Eastern Mountain Sports for helping me pick out my pack, for their knowledge, enthusiasm, and time even though they knew I probably wasn't going to buy anything. 

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy

The Green Mountain Club


And Finally:  

Michelle Marie Eddison.  It will always be you.


"To touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground."  Stephen Covey