While I'm in Vermont Mister John Murren, The Bronx Buddha, will be editing and posting my entries to the site.  Having known me long enough to see both the lunatic and the man that's somewhat at peace, there's no better person I could leave in charge of my meanderings.  He's already been given permission to axe anything that might make me sound like I'm coming unglued out there, as well as clean up all of the spelling and grammatical errors that will occur from me attempting to type onto an F'ing phone.

This will be his test run.  

Yesterday I had the opportunity to join some AT Trail Vaintainers for a half day of trail maintenance on a section of the trail that suffered some fallen tree damage from the crazy storms we've been having recently.  In my mind little trail elves came out every night after all the hikers had gone to bed and they cleared away the fallen trees, built stone steps, bridges over streams, etc.  It turns out that the elves are volunteers, that they come out during the day, and that they bust their asses because they the AT as much as I do.  I joined Jim Haggett and Keith McCloghrie for 4 hours of work.  The pictures tell the story better than I can:





"Dead River Rough Cut"

 "and it burns like a buzzaw blade"

 anything for hikers