This morning at 9:00 am the NCAA gave their ruling on the punishment for Penn State University in light of the sexual abuse  atrocity.  There were a few stupid football sanctions; no bowl games, loss of scholarships, blah blah blah, but what was incredibly significant, and has the potential to help a ton of kids, is the $60 million dollar fine levied against them.  The money, which is the gross profits for one year (!!!) of football at Penn State, will go into an endowment to help victims of childhood sexual abuse.  It's admirable, it gets to the heart of the Penn State problem (money, institutional protection) but here is a reminder of what $60 million dollars will never buy:  

Our childhoods.

The ability to erase the scars that lead to divorce, violence, homelessness, substance abuse, prisons, and psychiatric hospitals.

The need for revenge that claws away at the forgiveness we're told will heal us.

The self loathing and self destruction that litter our adult lives.

The inability to have healthy, non destructive relationships with men and women.

A view of the world that isn't cynical and distrustful.

There's so much more, but you get the point.