make up day

Day 170

Today we made up for the crummy day which was yesterday. Luckily, meeting up with Rockfish meant getting hooked up with a trail angel he had gotten in contact with. We kind of sprung three extra hikers, and felt bad -- but there was no service to give her a head up!

So this morning we left high bridge at a whopping 7:20am -- the earliest start we have gotten in a while. We cruised 20 miles to the highway she was picking us up at, and the beautiful weather, and new hiking buddy made it fly by. Before we knew it we were at a road, and in a car with the lovely Theresa.

She drove us into the town of Winthrop which is a wild west themed town with an awesome outfitter, tons of coffee shops, and the best pizza on the west coast. Being a new yorker, I've always taken pizza for granted. Coming out here, I realized what a pizza snob I was and have been disappointed along the trail. Today at East 20 Pizza in Winthrop, my desire for real pizza was satiated. They had tons of great toppings, but they had an amazing cheese slice. When a pizza place can do a cheese slice right, they are good to go.

After some food, and a beer, we headed back to Teresa and partners place. He actually built the house they live on, and it has the most beautiful view I've ever seen from a house. Nestled in the rolling hills of Winthrop, we happily and comfortably sleep on the floor of her place and prepare for the LAST 62 miles of the PCT.

We are ready for this.

-- Ian