Late Nights

Day 123

With the training for the Oregon fourteen day challenge amongst us, the days have become very -- very -- long. Today we woke up and hiked on as usual. Luckily we were hiking into Seiad Valley, which is a grocery store, cafe, and post office; all in one building. A small town to say the least! However, the trail crossed right in front of the cafe, so clearly we had no option but to stop in.

We had some delicious food, and did a resupply for a couple days until Ashland, OREGON. We are very excited to finish California, but Cali wasn't leaving without a token to remind us where we hiked a bulk of the trail. A nearly 5,000 foot incline was to be tackled right after a delicious meal and minds thinking we were done for the day, not much fun.

The worst, however, was yet to come. My boots have begun to fall apart, and my toes have felt the effect. With the rubbing of toes mixed with the uphill, it made for a very painful end to California. One more day left in California, and unfortunately it ended at a camp on the trail with a small spring around 9pm, with a full hour and a half of night hiking.

I lay curled up in my sleeping bag, with the inability to curl my toes as they ache so much. Hopefully it won't be a problem!

-- Ian