Double Rainbow

Day 104

Waking to giant logging trucks was quite startling. One that came roaring down the road skid his back tire turning a fairly sharp curve. We had planned for a 23 mile day, but a large river, huge bridge and an awesome campsite stopped us dead in our tracks around mile 10. Not even one o'clock, we decided to make camp for the day and relax, fish, and swim! There was a rock with about a ten foot drop into a nice sized pool of water. It was refreshing, and we were able to get clean -- the temperature was even enjoyable.

After about an hour of swimming and rock lounging, we decided to finally test out our new Tenkara rod. Getting it set up in seconds flat, we were fly-fishing for wild trout -- in the middle of nowhere. It was exciting looking up and down the river knowing the canyon in which we were fishing was not a common site. After a few minutes, we had a fish! A beautiful little rainbow trout. Before we knew it, we had three little trout floating around in a pool we made.

Neither of us have ever caught, killed, gutted, and cooked a fish. We watched a YouTube video not too long ago, so we just did what we remembered. After they were gutted (far from camp), we went back to get these trout cooked. It was simple! With a little teriyaki seasoning (thanks to Chef Tom at OR) and a packet of olive oil heating in our pot, we cooked up these guys until the skin crisped, and the flesh was peeling from the bone. Seconds later (cooked quickly) we were enjoying the most amazing fish either of us have had.

After our feast of a four inch trout, we saw a few hikers up at the bridge, and went to go talk to them. They weren't sure if they were going to push on or stay here. Unfortunately there wasn't any room where we were, so they hiked on. We decided that dinner time was coming up, and we wanted more fish. After four more caught fish, fried, and eaten -- we made our real dinner. Curry Katmandu and applesauce, with cheesecake after.

With our fire put out, our riverside camp comes to an end. We have to be at Drakesbad on my birthday for packages to be received (as well as a day off in celebration) which means the next few days will have to be harder. Very worth it though!