Day 81

Whenever we're a day out from a town we always call it Christmas eve. Mainly because that's how excited we get. Last night was no different, and now we fall asleep with full bellies in lake Tahoe!

The stretch was beautiful- granite replaced by volcanic mountains, snow replaced by flowers and new friends made along the way. By the end of today I was really enjoying the quicker pace and new surroundings, which made the day fly by.

When we hit the road going into Tahoe we met up with Steve and his wife, triple-crowner "steady." it was nice to chat and drink down a few cold sodas before Sara and her three wonderful kids- allison, Megan and Noah picked us up, made us a steak dinner and we read the little ones bedtime stories after s'mores!

It was a great way to wrap up a smooth stretch. Tomorrow Ian's girlfriend flies into Tahoe from manhattan and I'll be heading to Palo Alto to see an old friend and meet up with my girlfriend in a few days. This mid-thru-hike siesta should be a nice break on our minds and bodies. The first half of this journey has been amazing. I cant wait to see what the future brings.

- Andy