A Step in the Right Direction

Day 74

Charging up and over the first 1,600 foot pass in the morning broke us into a beautiful half green valley. Unfortunately we were on the wrong side. Covered in snow we had a difficult time finding the trail, but steadily made our way.

After an hour break post a relatively easy creek ford we went over a second, smaller pass and descended to a monstrous river crossing...

Seeing the water race by, it seemed impossible. The shallowest point looked chest high. Volunteering to go first (I had the least electronics and my height gives me an advantage), I was pretty nervous. Plunging my bare feet into the icy water was nothing new... Except for when it started to reach my chest. The last few feet were a leap that left me digging my fingers into boggy grass as I pulled myself up the river bank. Ian and our friend Daybreaker made there way and I helped them on the last, and very deep, push to the other side.

Once safely across we began to dry out and broke an early camp on the river bank. With the extra time we built a fire and rested our tired shoulders. As we ate dinner by our whispy fire we notice the ground becoming wet. As time went by our siesta was broken up and the fire became completely submerged.

We fall asleep next to a growing giant. I only hope that as night grows and the snow melt finishes it's rage our tent and selves aren't already slating down river.

- Andy