Green to White

Day 70

The terrain was as close to summer as we had come. Flowers, birds and long green grasses covered the entire face of our first ascent. it almost felt like we were back to what the trail had been before all the snow. As we continued to move quickly the white patches of snow started to creep into our landscape. Although the green of summer had only lasted for a bit, it was refreshing. We weren't expecting much green because Mammoth got a record breaking 650 inches of snow this year!

Along the way today we met some really nice people day hiking, which was different because it's been mainly just thru-hikers these past few weeks.

After a relatively smooth day we set up camp at base camp Donahue. We'll summit the pass in the morning, then make our way about 14 more miles to Tuolumne Meadows where our next re-supply awaits.

Today we broke back into the life we know on the trail- simple, raw, unpredictable. These qualities are why we again move northbound,

- Andy