Round 2

Day 33

Back to the trail we go.

As the sweat from the brim of my hat dripped down after a few miles into the day, it made me think of how long we were off the trail, and what it was like to get back. A steady incline and nice breeze kept the day cool and easy. At first our day started with talk of the few days off, and then quiet time to ponder on the fact that we are, once again, living outdoors.

When we departed for the start of the trail, the excitement and built up anticipation fueled us, and pushed us through the difficult task of temporarily leaving our loved ones. However, this time it was different. We have been out here for a month already, and the excitement for the trail isn't the same, and we were able to focus on what we are leaving behind rather than what we have ahead. We love our girlfriends so much, and it was harder to leave this time than the last.

That being said, it was something that had to happen. The call of adventure, excitement, and the unknown reaches to us and pulls us back to the trail. While it is more than difficult to say 'See ya soon', we have the trail to look forward to up ahead. Soon we enter the Mojave Desert, and after that, the Sierra Nevadas. We are ready for the challenge.

After we said goodbye, we hiked on. After a while of hiking, we saw a flamingo in the trail! Well, it wasn't real, obviously, but it was the entrance to a clearing in the low trees, and set up with chairs, flamingos, skeletons, a trail register, books, beer and sodas. We decided to call it a day here as there is a nice small water source near by. While our hearts are saddened by the departure from our girlfriends, the trail gave back to us with trail magic.

Easing back into the life of thru-hikers, we move on, and prepare for what's to come.