Back to the Basics

Day 57-58

After such a long rest I always begin to get antsy waiting to get back on the trail. We hit a record in Bishop- four days and four nights. We spent most the time relaxing, waiting for packages and hanging out with our new friends Allison and Jesse. It was much needed after a hellish first stretch in the sierras, but now we are reminded of why we were so beat coming in... Heavy packs, tons of snow, no sign of the trail and long stretches between resupplies.

Back out and almost back to the PCT trailhead we are camped out on a small, dry, flat rock protected by a couple of pines from the wind we huddle in for what is hopefully a restful night.

I am reminded of one thing when we are at the beginning of a challenging stretch... This too shall pass. The good times and the many hard times all come and go with the wind. While heavy snow lay ahead we are better prepared for the record breaking winter leftovers with new gators, snow baskets, extra bats for the GPS, brand new granite gear stuff sacks and Hillsound overnighted me my missing crampon!

Here we go, slow and steady.

- Andy