Base Camp

Day 50

This morning is the morning we sleep at 'base camp'. Its no Everest, but the highest point in the lower 48 states -- Mt. Whitney.

After some talk last night, Wiz decided he wasn't too sure about climbing the beast after all he has heard, and also wanted to truck on rather than spend a day off trail. So this morning he was off early to consult with the rangers, but later (after he left and we finally woke up) we discovered that the ranger was not yet at the station.

We were bummed to say bye too Wiz for who knows how long, but thats life on the trail -- you adapt, and roll with the tide. After a lazy morning, we pushed up trail past one of the steepest miles of then PCT. Luckily, we had only planned to do about 8 miles today to get a bit of rest before Whitney.

The miles were nice, and we were relaxed. We stopped off a mile before base camp to a little creek and tried our hand at fishing. We saw a ton of baby trout but we had no bait so weren't able to catch anything. All is well though since they were babies and wouldn't have provided much food anyway!

So now we rest and get ready for a bright and early for a morning start of Whitney.

We are looking forward to the challenge up ahead. This will be the highest we have ever been, and quite possibly will be for the foreseeable future.