Kennedy Meadows

Day 45


Today we finally arrive to the iconic Kennedy Meadows. After saying bye to our new friends Lori, Gerald, and their family, we headed off to meet back up with the trail, get our boxes, and prepare for the Sierras.


We got up to the general store to find a mass of hikers who have been relaxing, recuperating, and preparing for the Sierras up ahead. Bear Boxes, mail drops, and healing remedies were all around. We caught back up with our friends Rocklocks and Mr. Fox, but they headed out today so we will be about a day behind them.


One of the first people I heard of was Dr. Sole (trail name). He is a father of a thruhiker that wanted to help out other hikers after his son was treated so well, so he found one of the biggest issues on the trail -- feet -- and researched, practiced, and learned the trades to cleaning and healing busted feet. So I went over to him and was greeted by "those are the deepest wounds I've seen to date, and you'll be coming to me every two hours until you leave". So I got the blisters drained, cleaned, and bandaged and will be going back every now and again to get cleaned up. 


I must say, they are already looking better! So I am hoping I will be doing much better tomorrow.


So we got our new shirts (which are awesome -- the Mountain Hardwear Ravine) and our trail crampons (Hillsound, which are again, awesome) and unfortunately our food is not here yet. We are hoping it comes tomorrow but may have to figure something else out if it doesn't.


With worry of the snow and conditions ahead floating around the camp like a dust storm, we put our umbrellas up and prepare to trek on. Looking forward to being out of the desert, but with a few extra pounds on our backs with the bear box and crampons, we will do our best.


The Dusty Camel and Co. trek on with high spirits!