Zero Day One

Day 7
Zero 1

Today was our first zero day on the PCT. When doing a long distance trail, it is important to understand you are essentially going to the um every day. Any workout junkie will tell you that half the workout is the rest. In order for your muscles to mature, and your body not to wear to the point of breaking -- recuperation is necessary.

So, today we allowed our aching muscles, and sore feet to have a day of rejuvenation. We each woke up well before 8 when breakfast was going to be served, but luckily fell back asleep for a couple hours. We woke once again and mozied on down to the parlor for some breakfast. W had eggs florentine, yogurt, granola, and fruit -- a good way to start any day.

After that we got any gear floating around that we decided we didn't need, and sent it home; items including, extra paracord, a pillow stuff sack, extra clothing, and Andys beloved guitar. While Andy loves playing that little guy, the first stretch is just too hard to warrant extra energy being spent on playing music. Not to mention the shape of it makes it difficult to maneuver. He is sure he will get it back in a month or two once the hiking legs have set in, and the boredom comes around in camp. After three boxes, and a full roll of tape, the guitar was ready to be shipped off... at no cheap cost though.

After the gear was shipped off, we wandered around town, looking in the somewhat odd western style shops, and realized how empty the town was compared to yesterday. W stopped off at this one shop that was for the sole purpose of selling knives. They had Boker and Kershaw knives, so I knew right away it was a quality store. We started chatting the the guy who worked there (pictured above) and ended up spending well over half an hour there. Charlie is an 87 year young man who has been watching the shop for a dear friend of his. He was telling us about all types of things, and we enjoyed the company.

After we left the knife store, we did our resupply and got a big ol' apple pie from Moms in town, went back to the hotel, and relaxed (which we are continuing to do). We spent some time video chatting the girls, and will be laying in bed, eating, and watching a movie in a bit. We are giving our feet a few more hours to rest, and in the morning we will be on our way. No more planned zero days until we get up to LA in three weeks.

Te relaxation was nice, and while I wouldn't mind staying here longer, we are happy we were here during the rain and I'll be on our way North, and ready to put more miles under our belt!