snow day

Day 25

Working up the hill we had a three thousand foot ascent up Mt. Baden Powell, where the summit stands at 9,400 ft. We knew we would hit snow, but until we actually started to get above 8,000 ft did we see it. By 8,500 ft we were toeing into the snow and making our own trail since the top of the mountain was covered. A lot of people we passed turned around. They asked why would we risk going up? Because we have to, I said, we're going to Canada!

Eventually, we made our way to the top and breaked before the descent to camp. I shuddered when I thought about how much snow lies before us in the Sierras, which is only two or so weeks away. By then we will be better prepared with micro spikes (small crampons), a Spot and possibly ice axes.

We reached our little spring and camp just under 8,000 ft. While there's still snow around, the trail is clear and we prepare for a solid night's rest for tomorrow.

I would never hike the PCT alone. Today is a perfect example. Without two sets of eyes the trail would have dissapeared and it could have gotten dangerous. Watching one another's backs we trek on.