Trailside Camp

Day 21

Last night we stayed at a 'trailside camp' and we're lucky enough to stay at one again tonight. Essentially, it's a campground away from everything. It's a small campsite with a fire pit, picnic table, and privy. It's nice to have some sort of bathroom!

We left camp today and had a nice, easy day. The terrain was relatively flat, the temperature was warm with a cool breeze, and the scenery was beautiful. We passed by what we think was Big Bear lake, and wish we could have gone back in to stay with Ed, Julie, and John again! (Thanks again, guys.)

Today we passed a bunch of thru hikers who were slack packing southbound. Essentially, they leave their stuff in then hostel or hotel, get driven up the trail, and hike back down without packs, and stay another night in town. It's a nice way to do the miles without the weight of a pack and having the comfort of a town at the end of the day.

One interesting thing about today is that the section of the forest we are in now seems to have been in a fire in the past few years. It's charred and barren, with little vegetation.

I wish I could say we are excited about the hot springs we I'll be bathing in tomorrow; however, there has been a detour on the trail because of landslides taking out some bridges on steep sections of the trail. We have our maps thanks to some friends, and will figure out how to get around it. It seems like we will just be walking along small roads to get around it.